Have you ever wanted to learn guitar, or do you already play guitar but want to expand your skills? Are you a songwriter looking to learn more about the elements of the craft of songwriting? Are you an artist or performer looking for feedback and coaching to take your performance to the next level? Do you need a band for a show or label showcase?  These are just a few of the services I offer:

1) Guitar Lessons - via Skype. I will teach you what you want to learn, whether you're just beginning or already a player and want to expand your approach or learn a new style. I have over 30 years of private lesson teaching experience and will teach you the tools and techniques to becoming not just a better guitarist, but a better musician. I'm also a proud member of the D'Addario Education Collective network of teachers. 

2) Songwriting Lessons -  Do you want to learn how to write a more effective Bridge or need a little help developing an Idea, or how to approach a Chorus to make it stand out? This is not paying to co-write. What I offer is lessons on elements of songwriting craft of lyric, melody, harmony, and creativity to help you improve your songwriting.

3) Performance and Career Coaching - We'll cover the technical fundamentals of the stage as well as review your performance and provide feedback so that you can increase your confidence and "own it" on any stage!

For Lessons, click here to be taken to the Store page: Lessons

4) Producer/Guitar Tracks - If you're looking for a producer for your next CD project, or if you need guitar tracks for a demo or a project of your own? Contact me to be part of your next session, or I can record tracks remotely in my home studio and send them to you. You send me an Mp3 of your tracks, I'll record additional guitar tracks and send them back to you as .WAV files. You can edit and comp as you desire. Contact me for very affordable rates based on the scope of your project!!

5) Need A Guitarist or a full band?  It's what I do!  I've performed showcases with artists in front of major labels in Nashville, and in front of audiences all over the world. The musicians I work with on a regular basis have years of experience working with a broad scope of  major label artists. Rates are dependent on the details of the show and how many musicians/instruments are needed. Performances outside of Nashville require payment of all additional expenses including transportation, lodging and hospitality.  Contact me to take your show or showcase to the next level!

6) Performances/Booking - Want me to perform in a city near you? Have you considered hosting a house concert and need an interesting and fun performer?  I can put together a show your friends will not forget that involves an intimate performance with myself or a package with me and other professional songwriters or artists. What could be cooler than having a concert in your own home? You tell me what you have in mind, and we'll discuss the logistics to make it happen! 

For Lessons, Coaching or Guitar Tracks, head over to the Store page to purchase!  For all other bookings or inquiries, Click Here: Contact Eddie!!!